Promoting road safety awareness involves embracing the concept of “taking the pineapple.” This phrase originates from mining culture, serving as a warning sign for imminent trouble resulting from wrongful actions. Throughout her years commuting along a lengthy roadway, Jo has frequently encountered fatalities, many of which she attributes to individuals rushing and running late. She believes that if these individuals had accepted responsibility (taken it on the chin, or “taken the pineapple”), they might still be alive today. Ultimately, the danger of speeding far surpasses the risk of facing repercussions. It’s a decisive choice: either take the pineapple or face potential tragedy. Jo’s objective is to disseminate this message and save lives, prompting individuals to ponder the consequences of their speeding choices. Moreover, it’s not solely about road safety; it extends to all facets of life and the ramifications of one’s decisions.


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